What is the most suitable product of Agigh Tile for yard?

According to the standards of Agigh Tile, the products of this company only use to install in interior space.

What can be done to reduce the stain on tiles?

To reduce the stains behind the tiles, it is recommended to use the standard tile glue in accordance to the installation conditions have announced by the Aghigh Tile Company.

Why should I keep cartons of tiles?

-    Since the Agigh tile Co intends to satisfy the customers, clearly to follow up the customers’ complains, the products cartons shall be offered to the quality control experts to investigate them.

How to clean the tiles so that they do not harm and have a good durability?

As it is written on all products of Aghigh Tile Co, these products are resistant to the household detergents and there is no change in their quality if the household detergents used with a cloth( non-rough objects)

What is the most suitable product of Agigh Tile for the kitchen?

Generally, the suitable products for the interior space such as kitchen is depend to the customer’s taste.
Note: it is recommended to use non-rustic tiles in spaces of kitchen which are exposed the Fat particles suspended in the air (to facilitate the washing and cleaning)

Does internet shopping of your site is possible? If so, explain

Nw, the technical website design team is doing the final stages of this process and this site will be accessed to the agents, and subsequently the manual guide will be notified to the users. (It is worth mentioned that to order and Internet shopping will be possible only for agents

Are C- side floor tiles suitable to withstand frost?

If possible, describe the code installed on the tiles.
Code on the carton products include Technical information about glaze type, level type, design code, color code and the product degree

What used to be considered before installing ceramic tile?

The specifications on the cartons shall be considered so that their size, degree and code are same. If the cement slurry is used, it is necessary not consider the surfaces leveling. The brick or concrete surface for the installation should be preferable.

Does Agigh accept special orders like spectacle?

Yes, the customers can contact to the related agent in their region, city or province to offer their order, until the subsequent coordination of planning done by the same department.

Are C- side floor tiles suitable to withstand frost?

However, the company's products have high temperature resistance, but due to sharp temperature fluctuations in outside, it is suggested to be avoided as far as possible its installation in outer space.