Cooperation form

The completion of this questionnaire does not obligated to be employed the participants. The company can investigate all information of this questionnaire if required .all information of this questionnaire is confidential. Please respond all questions completely and legibly.

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knowing foreign languages, computer and other courses

زبان مورد نظر خود را وارد کنید

Reading skills:(*)
گزینه مورد نظررا انتخاب نمائید.

Writing skills:(*)
گزینه مورد نظر راانتخاب نمائید.

Speaking skills:(*)
گزینه مورد نظر را انتخاب نمائید.

Knowing computer:(*)
گزینه مورد نظر خود را انتخاب کنید

Certificate of Technical and vocational courses& Educational Institutions

Name of educational courses:
نام دوره اموزشی خود راوارد کنید

Name of Institutions:
نام موسسه را وارد کنید

مدت دوره را وارد کنید

Date of teaching:

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Training period:
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Can you guarantee, if required ?(*)
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Do you have insurance payment history?(*)
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Please mention your insurance duration and insurance number?(*)
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Do you employed now(*)
گزینه مورد نظرراانتخاب نمائید.

Please mention the name of your workplace?
نام محل کار کنونی خود را وارد کنید

How do you introduce to company?
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Please mention the name of two persons who know them well and without any family relation to you.

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The personal specification of someone who can be informed in emergency events:

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Are you ready to work in three work shifts
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Are you ready for work overtime
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Mission preparation suburban / inner city have
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marital status(*)
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name & surname of Spouse:
نام ونام خانوادگی همسر خود را وارد کنید

In the case of employment , your Spouse 's phone؟
In the case of employment and work in your wife's phone

Number of sons:
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Number of Girls:
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Number of persons under protection:
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Other family members:

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Work place address:
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Hereby, I, verify the accuracy of all mentioned information in this questionnaire, and whenever the contrary of these contents are proved, the company is authorized to fire me without any exception and in this case , I am waiver any complaint right and refer to different authorities. Meanwhile I informed that my employment is depend on completing a training course in 1-4 months and if the company announce the continuation of cooperation , I am ready to made an temporary work contract based on the standards of labor law and company regulations. Also, the company is not obligated to provide transportation services to access me to the work place now. If I employ, I will oblige to observe all regulations and standards of company.

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