The process of recording and investigating the complaints in Aghigh Tile Co

Aghigh Tile Co is accountable to all complaints of customers due to the international standard of the customers’ complaints management (ISO 10002).
The system has been included some instructions, procedures, and structures to establish and strengthen the customer relationships in order to perform the planning, implementation and control  in the event of complaints well and also it provides an opportunity to resolve the problems, rebuild  the complainant relationship, and non-recurring the problem for other customers.

receiving the complaints

The customer can announce his complaints by the following methods:
Contact to the complaint investigator via the phone number 035-32724412-16 or e-mail :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,  and the internet site .
He can refer to the recording and investigating of complaints department, also via fax: 035-32724411 or personal contact to the complaint investigator whose address has inserted on the box. Or via the company’s agents and the agent can inform to the responsible person by above paths.
In office hours, the complaints responsible person will respond this phone number and non-office hours, the phone center of company is ready to receive  the complaints and will inform them to the related responsible person.

register the complaints and inform it to the complainant

After receiving the complaints, the related information will be registered in the receiving complaint form by the related responsible person and will be numbered.
And after receiving the complaints, it will be informed to the complainant by post, phone, email, SMS or a combination of them.

Review and assess the complaints

After receiving and registration of information about each complaint , the primary assessment has been done by transferring data to the commercial manager and if the immediate action is possible ,a responsible person will be determined on his behalf and investigate the issue by the complaint investigator so that the determined person takes all necessary measures to resolve it. If the immediate action is not possible, a responsible person will be determined to investigate the complaint .After determining the complaint investigator, the primary investigation and the secondary investigation if needed will be done by him and the specified team. A report of investigation and sufficient reactional measures to satisfy the customers will be recommended and sent to the commercial manager

After the announcement of commercial manager’s opinion, the general manger will inform his final decision and will determine the responsible person and the deadline for action.

Declare the decision to Complainant

After final decision of general manger, the results will transfer to the complaint investigator and he will inform to the complainant.
If the complainant accepts the final decision, the necessary measures will be done and its file will be registered .But if the complainant  does not accept the final decision , other solutions will be recommended by the general manager to the Complainant.

If the complainant accepts the recommended solution, the necessary measures will be done. But if the complainant does not accept the recommended solution, the necessary measures will be done in accordance to the national standards and regulations.
After taking all determined measures, the Complainant opinion about these measures will be assessed and if he is not satisfied, the decision of general manager will be performed.
After closing the Complaint issue, the corrective action will be done to prevent the occurrence of the complaint again and also to increase the customer satisfaction.

Declare the performed action to the general manager

Finally, the information of the performed action to achieve the customer’s satisfaction and its time will be collected by the complaint investigator and will inform to the general manager

Surveys on the satisfaction of the complaints process

Surveys on the satisfaction of the complaints process will be done by the complaint investigator per 6 months for all the Complainants and the results will be informed to the general manager so that take any necessary measures if required.


Record and track complaints